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Chattarpati Automotive Systems stands as a prominent gear selector cable manufacturer and supplier based in Delhi, India. With a complete dedication, we are engaged in supplying gear selector cables not only in India also globally, these cables are renowned for their durability and quality. Chattarpati Automotive Systems has make a reputation in the automobile industry for delivering superb products at very competitive prices.

We employ advanced technology and equipment in our plant facilities to make sure that each gear selector cable/ other products meets and exceeds the industry standards. Our team includes well-trained workers, technicians and engineers, who are steadfast and ensure us that every cable conforms precisely as per the specifications of our esteemed clientele.

Chattarpati Automotive Systems manufacturers an intensive array of gear selector cables which are available in numerous sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, catering to the demands of diverse vehicle makes and models. We ensure that each cable aligns along with your precise requirements, while extending the provision of tailor-made solutions, crafted to meet your precise needs.

We keep first priority to our customers and providing them quick and prompt service. Our customer support team is always at your service, available to address queries and offer expert guidance in selecting the perfect cable for your precise vehicle model. We also have a robust transportation and logistics network, which ensures that our products reach you timely and securely.

Beyond Gear Selector Cables, Chattarpati Automotive Systems provides an extensive range of cable for various vehicles, which includes Brake cables, Accelerator Cables, Clutch Cables, Speedometer Cables and many others, all products are crafted from premium-grade materials to assure top quality and reliability.

Chattarpati Automotive Systems has built an strong reputation in the market for delivering finest products and prompt customer service, which has positions us as a leading Gear Cable manufacturing company in India. If you are searching for a trusted source for gear selector cables, your search ends right here at Chattarpati Automotive Systems.

  • Easy to install
  • Fine finish
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Longer functional life.
  • Friction Free Cable.
  • Galvanized & Premium Quality Material

Some of Our Major Products

Tata Ace Mega Dicor Gear Selector Cable

Ashok Leyland Dost Plus Gear Selector Cable

Mahindra Supro Gear Selector Cable

Swaraj Mazda Gear Selector Cable

Ashok Leyland Dost Gear Selector Cable

Tata Ace Mega BS-6 Gear Selector Cable

Mahindra Maxximo Gear Selector Cable

TATA 550 LPT 909 Gear Selector Cable

TATA 1109/909 BS-3/4 Gear Selector Cable

TATA Prime BS-3/4 Gear Selector Cable

Eicher Canter 10.75 Gear Selector Cable

Eicher Canter Gear Selector Cable

Eicher Canter 10.95 Gear Selector Cable