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Gear Shift Cable


Gear shift cables serve as an essential part of the manual gearbox setup within automotive vehicles. Their primary function includes the seamless transmission of the gear shifting movements initiated by the driver to the complex transmission system.

Gear shift cables contain an inner wire enveloped within an exterior protective casing. The inner cable directly connects to the gear shift lever and efficiently carries out the back-and-forth movements performed by the driver when changing gears. Meanwhile, the exterior casing serves a dual purpose, performing as a guard, protecting the inner wiring from unwanted contaminants like dirt and debris, while also providing a chosen pathway for the cable’s routing.

When it comes to sourcing these gear shift cables, the choice of a trustworthy and esteemed manufacturer holds utmost importance. Chattarpati Automotive Systems emerges as a leading manufacturer renowned for crafting finest gear shift cables that comply with the most-

– rigorous industry norms. every step of our production process undergoes strict quality control inspections.

Our gear shift cables are crafted employing premium-grade materials and using advanced manufacturing techniques. The core wires are meticulously forged from sturdy galvanized, making sure product durability and reliability. The exterior casings are carefully designed to withstand with harsh environmental conditions while consistently offering precise shielding for the core wiring.

Chattarpati Automotive Systems places the highest priority on customer satisfactions, our customer-centric approach ensures complete support, whether your want to know about the correct gear shift cable for your vehicle or technical guidance during the set up procedure. We are always available to offer spark off and reliable support.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and innovative manufacturer of gear shift cables, your search ends with Chattarpati Automotive Systems. Contact us at your earliest convenience to initiate your inquiry.

  • Easy to install
  • Vehicle Compatibility
  • Quality at par with OE standards
  • Custom designed for a direct-replacement fit.
  • Assures smooth operation.
  • No rewiring soldering or splicing required.

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